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We're here to provide you with research-based knowledge to best support your child’s development. Our goal is to empower you as the parenting expert and to support a kind, compassionate and intentional approach to cultivating a relationship with your growing family.


Private Sessions

We provide in-person sessions in New York and Los Angeles and via Skype for anyone living in between. During our private sessions, we address anything specific you are struggling with and educate you on what normal developmental changes to expect and the best ways to respond. Popular subjects include sleep solutions, picky eating, toilet training, sibling preparation, twin challenges, behavioral issues, proper discipline, limit setting and more.

Our visits use specific research-based information to help you make the best decisions for your family during every major developmental period - from birth through school age. Our advice is tailored to your child’s stage and your parenting style. Rather than focusing on your child's abilities, we focus on the caregiver's behaviors that will help scaffold your child’s optimal development.

During these 90 minute or two-hour sessions, we provide personalized materials, guidance, checklists, tables, and strategies that will help optimize each stage of your child’s growth.


Phone Consultations:
Too busy for a formal visit or need quick answers to specific concerns? We are available to speak with you in thirty-minute or one-hour phone consultations.

Caregiver Consultations and Training:
We offer a multi-visit program designed to help your caregiver better understand and nurture the cognitive and social emotional development of your child.

Co-Parenting Consultations:
Whether you are newly navigating or striving to create strong co-parenting routines, we provide phone consultations and private sessions to address your child's healthy development during difficult family transitions such as separation and divorce. 

Playroom/Nursery Consultations:
Art station? Block corner? Book wall? There are so many suggestions for play rooms and nurseries, often with limited space. Let us help choose appropriate toys and stimulating materials for your child and offer creative spacial solutions. We will meet with you, review your space and transform any size area into a beautifully organized environment that promotes child-directed play, learning and fun while nurturing growing minds at every developmental stage. 


Join moms of similar aged babies/children for six 1, 1.5 or 2 hour sessions on topics we design with you. Connect with local moms or gather a group of (up to twelve) mom friends in New York or Los Angeles. Our educators also lead remote groups via video conference. We’ll arm you with strategies that work and help guide your choices about how you spend time with, respond to, and nurture your child. Our goal is to ease your anxieties, empower you with information, address your concerns and questions, and provide support.

Talks and Seminars

We are delighted to discuss any child development and/or parenting topic of interest. These talks can be presented in a series workshop format, or as individual lectures.

Popular subjects include: limit setting, positive discipline, sharing and socialization, language development, play, toilet training, healthy attachment and separation, raising a thinking child, and positive approaches to learning. As well as a range of discussions related to nurturing cognitive, social and emotional development. Click here to learn more about these topics.

 Probono talks and seminars are available for publicly funded schools.